About Gonaexport-cz

The trading company GONAEXPORT-CZ, s.r.o. was established in 2011. Our registered office is at Drahobejlova 1072/10, 190 00, Prague 9 and our facility is located in Český Těšín - see. Contacts.

We deal with the sale of spare parts for military equipment, both wheeled and tracked. We also offer sales of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment.

Our business activities are directed to the countries of the European Union, mainly to Poland and Slovakia. These include, in particular, the supply of spare parts for military repair shops and military equipment stores.

We also provide for our foreign partners services in the field of repair of engines, groups, sub-groups and spare parts for wheeled and tracked equipment.


Overview of our activities

  • Purchase and sale, rental, development, production, repair, modification, deposit, storage, transport, degradation and destruction of security material;


  • Road motor transport - Freight carried by vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes when intended for the transport of animals or goods;

  • Buying, selling, transporting, lending and storing weapons and ammunition;


  • Implementation of foreign trade in military material within the scope of a permit issued pursuant to Act No. 38/1994 Coll.

Decisions to grant concessions